Svartidauði – “Untitled” (2017)

suntitledThe 7″ record seems like the least black metal of all the music formats, one I generally associate with pop and punk.  It just doesn’t seem to have enough real estate to hold all that despair.  But that didn’t stop Svartidauði from putting out a 7″ earlier this year, and don’t worry – while these aren’t marathon black metal slog-fests, they’re plenty black and anguished, and still pretty damn long at over six minutes apiece.

Untitled includes then anguished vocals and incessant guitars you expect from the genre, but it’s the drumming that sets it apart from the rest – changing time, crashing cymbals, and overall attacking you like a horde of orks bursting forth from the underworld.  Free listening and downloads are available HERE, but you’ll have to hunt a bit harder to grab a physical copy.

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