Esqueleto – “Be My Baby Kitty” (2012)

I discovered Esqueleto by accident while researching a couple of albums I picked up in New Orleans a few months back, Space Cadaver and Crescent City Carnage.  Both were put out on the C Rage! Records label, and that’s how I stumbled across their bandmates Esqueleto on Bandcamp.  After listening to parts of just a couple of songs I immediately ordered their 2012 release Be My Baby Kitty.


One word from a live review of an Esqueleto performance perfectly describes their style – quirky.  Yes, I know that can mean many different things.  But bottom line, this is some quirky stuff.  Slow psych shoegaze with elements of surf, New Orleans jazz, and blues are all tossed into a blender, thrown against the wall, then overlaid with nursery-rhyme-like vocals.  “Baby Boo” sounds like the kind of song you’d sing to your kid right before bed, except the harmonica is haunting in a way that gives the whole thing an undercurrent of uncertainty, like walking home on a foggy night on a path you know well but that is still a bit scary because you have to go through the woods on a dirt road and maybe, just maybe, this will be the time that something bad happens.  “Spider” and “What a Bummer” both drip with slow psych, and the closing track “Heaven” opens with a New Orleans-style funeral march before slipping in to a dark, dreamy space that contrasts heaven and hell.

Some people say the other place is nice,
Other people say it’s fine,
Other people say the other place is great,
If you want to do the time.

The album can be sampled on Bandcamp HERE and you can also buy the record there for just $9.  When my order arrived it had some extra cool tidbits in there as well from the label, like stickers and flyers, which I thought was cool.  So go support some indie music, ya stiff!

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