Casio Fatso – “Controlling the World from My Bed” (2015)

casiofatsocontrollingIceland’s Casio Fatso surprised me right from the opening track of Controlling the World from My Bed.  Not because they were extreme or experimental, but because “Heartbeat” sounds like something I could just as easily hear on rock or even Top 40 radio right now – some solid indie/alt rock sung in English.  It’s a little edgy at times (there’s some interesting guitar work on “To Jobs”) but never venturing too far from their core vibe.  I’m just not used to hearing Icelandic bands that so seamlessly fit into this American radio-friendly format.  And that’s not intended as a criticism, because Controlling the World from My Bed is a good album.

You can learn a bit more about them, as well as buy both of their releases, from the band’s homepage HERE.

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