DREKKA – “Call to Prayer” (2017)

drekkacalltoprayerI stumbled across DREKKA’s Call to Prayer the other day in one of those six degrees of separation scenarios where one link led to another that led to another and eventually deposited me onto the artist’s Bandcamp page.  The base of the song is a field recording DREKKA conducted of the Islamic call to prayer.  You can hear it off in the distance, lo-fi and moving through the air like heat waves on a hot night.  Over the top DREKKA layers organ and some of his own vocalizations to create a surreal composition, subtle yet powerful in how it pulls at the recesses of your mind, the base, animalistic parts, the parts that still fear the night and crave explanations for why the world is as it is.

The packaging of Call to Prayer is unique.  The record itself is an 8″ square lathe-cut block of white polycarbonate housed in a muslin pouch.  I’m a sucker for unique items like this (OK, it’s not technically “unique”, but it is limited to 50 copies) and was fortunate that DREKKA himself still had one left for sale, one that he found mixed in with assorted merch during a post-tour clean-up.  It’s a cool concept and one that was well executed.

You can listen to the entire song HERE.

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