ERZH – “Death Is A True Prophet” (2018)

2018 has been a pretty outstanding year for music, IMO, and it’s only August.  I’ve already heard at least 25 new albums including releases by some of my favorite bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Gusgus.  Hell, Fufanu plans on putting out three EPs in 2018.  And I have pre-orders in for new stuff from sDevil Makes Three and Mudhoney.  It’s an embarrassment of musical riches.

But let’s get one thing out of the way right now.  If I was doing a list of Top 5 2018 releases as of today, ERZH’s Death Is A True Prophet would be on the list.  And I’d never heard of ERZH until recently.


There are a few small labels I follow closely and will generally buy everything that they put out.  One of those is Iceland’s FALK, and that friends is how I learned about ERZH.

ERZH’s brand of electronica is a bit on the dark side, but it’s definitely dance floor certified because these beats force your body to move.  If you try to resist the power that is “Avoid Distraction” you’ll probably lose the battle and find your extremities flopping about like a fish out of water.  The best bet is to give into the groove completely and let the power of ones and zeros take over your motor functions.  It’s not all glow-sticks and Molly, though.  “Ptarmigan” is a moody SOB, the beat building slowly in intensity but never giving you a true drop and at times taking a dive into more industrial territory, so there’s some variety here as well.

I strongly recommend you stop whatever you’re doing, including reading this blog, and bouncing over to FALK’s Bandcamp page HERE to listen to Death Is A True Prophet.  The physical release on cassette is limited to only 50 copies, so if you want something you can hold in your hands I suggest you jump on it now – for €10 it’s a steal, plus you’ll get a digital copy as well.  You can’t beat that with a stick.  And if you just want the digital, boom, it’s yours for just €7.  It’ll be money well spent, trust me.

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