New York Gong – “About Time” (1980)

newyorkgongAnd now for something completely different…

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on on About Time, but I like it.  The opener “Preface” is a weird quasi-electronic space transmission, and that’s followed by the oddly rocking and sneering “Much Too Old” with it’s call outs to CBGB’s and suggestions of take up smoking and telling his new home New York you suck before flowing seamlessly into “Black September”.  The whole thing has a very Avantgarde feel to it, a sort of free jazz for rock.  The vocals sort of wander around, sometimes spoken, sometimes sung, sometimes shouted.  Sometimes sounding like Dylan, at others like Lou Reed.

New York Gong disbanded right around the time that About Time came out, with singer and former Gong member Daevid Allen going one way and much of the rest of the band forming the group Material, which was quite prolific in the late 1980s and put out an album as recently as 2017.

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