Kome Kome Club – “Go Funk” (1988)

komekomeGo Funk seemed very out of place when I ran across it the other day at a local shop.  A funk record in a sea of rock, a Japanese record buried behind a pile of American ones.  And because I’m a sucker for Japanese records I took it upon myself to rescue Go Funk, taking it home where it could live on my shelves with some of its friends.

Musically Go Funk is a little less funky than I expected, but still a good listen.  There’s definitely a big band kind of vibe happening here, and songs like “Bee Be Beat” actually do bring the funk pretty hard.  Add some pop elements and what you have is a talented group of artists who can pretty much do whatever they want… and that’s exactly what they do.  Some songs are in Japanese, others in English, making it more approachable to Western ears.

Go Funk is a lot of fun, a good party time go-to kind of record that would appeal to people with a wide range of musical tastes.

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