Coreena – “The Haunt” (2014)

coreenahauntI picked up a surprising amount of local, Seattle-area music over the last few weeks, everything from some 1980s rockers to 1990s hip hop to contemporary trip hop.  This wasn’t by design… it just sort of happened.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget how rich and diverse the scene is here.

Coreena’s The Haunt initially caught my eye due to its graffiti-style cover, and a little research showed this to be an interesting release.  The non-vinyl version of the full album has a dozen songs, while this limited edition vinyl only includes nine.  But the vinyl is a piece of art in and of itself – limited to 100 signed and numbered copies, each with a uniquely stenciled cover, so buying it was a no-brainer.

I’ve seen The Haunt described as trip hop, and that’s probably reasonable though I’m hardly an authority.  If Coreena’s songs remind me of anything, it’s some of the slower jams by the Estonian chanteuse Iiris – both sing with a combination of innocence and power that is captivating.  “Spirit” is the most intriguing track on the album (at least on the nine songs that are on the vinyl…), taking things lower and deeper, a sultry and simmering soundtrack to late evenings when things are starting to get interesting.

Coreena has a Bandcamp site, but if you’re interested in hearing some of her tunes I’d just head over to her homepage HERE.  It looks like she still has copies of The Haunt available on vinyl for $20, which is a legitimately good deal.

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