Alexandra Atnif – “Seekers Of The Void” (2018)

atnifseekersRomanian rhythmic brutalist Alexandra Atnif is at it again, dropping a new 13-track album a few weeks back called Seekers Of The Void.  We’ve followed her career for about three years now and it’s been interesting to hear the evolution of her sound during that period.  Her earlier material definitely lived up to the “brutalism” in her stylistic self-description, but over time the pendulum has swung a bit more towards the rhythmic part, though always retaining it’s overall feel of blocky concrete, right angles, and cold, hard surfaces.  It’s oppressive not just as a matter of design, but also of aesthetic.

And that brings us to Seekers Of The Void, which is undoubtedly Atnif’s most approachable album to date.  From the beat-driven “Humanophobe” to the sic-fi inspired vibe of “Departurer”, her latest work, while retaining a sharp edge, is also dance floor ready.  Don’t get me wrong, though, because it’s not all fun and games.  There’s still some brutalist horror to be found here on tracks like “Mating Rituals Of The Untermensch”, which will forcibly rip your soul from your body and trample it, consigning you to an oblivion of darkness.

This is definitely my favorite of Alexandra’s albums.  While I appreciated the power of her earlier work, at times it could become almost too much.  But that’s not the case with Seekers Of The Void.  It will still challenge your perceptions, and at times your sanity, but there are some rhythmic grooves her that offer respites from the brutalism.

Currently Seekers Of The Void is only available digitally.  You can listen to the whole thing at the Crunch Pod Bandcamp page HERE as well as purchase the download if you like it.

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