New 7″ Records From Bömmer and BSÍ (2018)

bommerstartIf I’m following the thread correctly, Bömmer put out some stuff in 2012, morphed into Kvöl to put out some stuff in 2014-16, and now are back at it as Bömmer again.  Most recently they put out a couple of songs in July, “Start” and “Come On”, which can be heard on Bandcamp HERE.  If you’re a glutton for punishment, like I am, you can also try to track down one of the super limited (20 copies) lathe-cut 7″ singles featuring both tracks.

Musically “Start” is all cold synths and gloom, frigid and dark, like a synthpop song caught up in the throes of depression.  The synth lines are unstoppable, never offering a respite from the mood.  The synths weave in and out a bit more on “Come On”, the higher parts contrasting sharply with the morose vocals.  A pair of excellent tracks, perfect for quieter and more reflective moods.


I’ve been to the BSÍ terminal in Reykjavik many times – it’s where the bus from the airport drops you off before launching you into the city core on a fleet of smaller vans and shuttles.  It is sometimes described as “the most miserable location you can find in all Iceland”, and while that’s pushing it, it has few if any redeeming qualities.  It’s always cold, and like bus stations the world over, no one seems to give a shit.  The folks working there always seem surprised when yet another bus pulls up in the early morning hours to disgorge its load of tourists… even though clearly they were notified when it left the airport almost an hour prior.  Arriving there on cold November mornings for Airwaves is always an adventure.  How long will we wait for a shuttle?  Two minutes?  Thirty two minutes?  No one knows.

The band BSÍ, however, is a bit more welcoming with their new three-song 7″ record.  The duo play a sort of punky pop that has a charming amateurishness about it.  There’s nothing fancy or pretentious here, just a couple of people playing songs on instruments they didn’t normally play before forming BSÍ.  My recommendation is the unpredictable “Bú On You”, though I also enjoy the almost shoegaze-y “Manama”, its vocals infused with a sort of innocence that you often only find from newer performers.  You can check out all three songs as well as purchase the vinyl HERE.

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