Andi – “Allt Í Einu” (2018)

andialltI first fell in love with Andi with the release of his self-titled cassette on Lady Boy Records back in 2016.  Looking back on it, I can’t believe I didn’t have that album in my year-end Top 5 list for 2016.  Yes, the competition was strong; but there is at least one recording on that list that I probably haven’t listened to since 2016, while Andi remains in rotation.  Since then we’ve seen him perform live twice and enjoyed both occasions.

A few months back Andi gave us another full-length, this one called Allt Í Einu (All Of A Sudden).  Right from the opening track it feels like Andi, though probably a more nuanced Andi than the one we first discovered a few years ago.  To my ears there has always been a certain deliberateness to Andi’s music, an intentionality that gives his tracks firm and clear structures – he doesn’t so much weave his songs as he does construct them from their component parts, adding and subtracting with the precision of an architect.  And there’s still a lot of that on Allt Í Einu, though often the corners are a bit more rounded and not quite as sharp as we heard on Andi.

You can listen to Allt Í Einu HERE, as well as purchase a digital download or a copy on limited edition (of 200) vinyl.  I may have left Andi out of my Top 5 list in 2016, but he’ll definitely be in the running this year.

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