D7Y – “Demo” Cassette (2018)

d7ydemoD7Y is comprised of members of various punk bands from Iceland like Bömmer, Óreiða, BörnDauðyflin, and ROHT, a veritable who’s who in the hardcore scene.  The stated reason for forming D7Y was simply to put together a band that plays straight d-beat.  And listen to the drumming on any one of Demo‘s six tracks and you’ll hear that they accomplished that mission.

At a bit over six minutes long, Demo is a don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it affair.  Fortunately the entire album repeats on both sides of the cassette, so you can hear the whole thing without flipping and you also don’t need to feel guilty about not rewinding it.  If I’m picking a favorite I’ll point you towards “Skotmörk”, but the entire thing is solid top-to-bottom.  The recording quality is excellent and there’s good separation of the vocals and music.

The entire thing is available to stream on Bandcamp HERE, though I don’t see anything there about ordering the cassette.

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