Duchamp – “Kansas City 1980” (2018)

duchampkansascity2Duchamp were a new wave band originating from Kansas City back in the late 1970s/early 1980s.  Kansas City 1980 is a recent comp that includes the six songs from the band’s first three singles, plus three previously unreleased tracks.  Described on the jacket as “devolved post punk with a funky backbone and a distinctly midwestern art-rock vibe”, to me it’s more new wave in the spirit of Devo.  “What You Say” could be a deranged, arty Iggy Pop song, while other numbers like “Intimacy” are more straight-forward rock.  “Atomic Crusader” is like a collaboration of the Violent Femmes and Meat Loaf.  It’s all just a bit strange.  I don’t get any of the gloominess that defines so much of post-punk – Duchamp is very poppy and jingly and jangly and weird without coming across as pretentious.

You can explore Kansas City 1980 at the label’s Bandcamp page HERE.  It looks like the first 100 copies were on pink vinyl and included a cassette re-release of Duchamp’s 1982 album Change.  Unfortunately I have the regular black version, which somehow is a cutout – odd given that it just came out this year, so I have to assume it was some kind of promo.

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