Soft Metals – “The Cold World Melts” (2010)

Time for a music quiz.  Please put an X in the box if the statement is true.  When finished, count how many Xs you entered.

** Tip:  Don’t write on your computer monitor with a Sharpie.  You’ll be able to complete the quiz and calculate the score, but you might suffer from a case of “Residual X Syndrome”. **


[  ]  Do you like music?

[  ]  Do you like synthesizers?

What was your score?  If it was 2, then immediately go to the Bandcamp page HERE and listen to Soft Metals’ The Cold World Melts and have your mind blown.

If you scored 1, well, go to Bandcamp anyway and listen to this.  Maybe that will result in your score increasing to 2 next time around.

If you scored 0… well, there’s always sitting around in the quiet and looking at the wall.  That’s cool too.  If that’s what you’re into.

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