Exos – “Alien Eyes” (2019)

Alien Eyes had me right from the first seconds of the opening track “Pulp”.  That bass… that bass!  Thump thump thump… my hands were up in the air and before I knew it I was moving all over the room, completely unable to sit still while these beats were bumping.  Thump thump thump… How many BPMs is it?  Hell, I don’t care.  All I know is it’s the sound is hitting me inside my chest, impossible to avoid, a bass heartbeat pounding pounding pounding…


Exos is Arnvidur Snorrason and he’s been super prolific over the last few decades, making a name for himself well beyond the confines of his home country of Iceland.  I’m not sure how I’ve missed him all these years, but I’m certainly glad the guys over at Lucky Records put aside a copy of this for me, because it’s top-notch techno and one of the coolest 2019 releases I’ve heard so far this year.  Don’t let this short post fool you – Alien Eyes brings it low and fast like a Randy Johnson slider.  The title track is both electric and eclectic, a perfect blending of disparate elements with a dose of echo to give the entire thing the feel of deep space with a quasar-pulse beat.  Fantastic and highly recommended.

Alien Eyes is available for listening and purchase on Bandcamp HERE.