Legal Weapon – “Death of Innocence” (1982)

legalweaponLegal Weapon vocals Kat Arthur passed away about six months ago at the age of 62, a reminder that our first and second generation punk stars are now senior citizens, that those who survived the scourge of heroin and violence that surrounded so much of the early scene are now simply old.  Of course many of them, like Kat who was still performing, remained punk.

Death of Innocence was Legal Weapon’s debut, a blend of early new wave and second gen punk rock.  There are some basic rockers here like the title track, but Legal Weapon knew how to get after it as well, with blistering tracks like “Out of Control” bringing plenty of speed and sharp edges.  “User” is a proto-Riot Grrrl sizzler, full of musical and vocal attitude, and probably the best jam on the album.  I almost passed on this at the record fair a few weeks back because the cover and insert are both pretty beat, but I’m glad I took the chance because Death of Innocence is bad-ass.

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