The Avengers – “The Avengers” (1983)

avengersReleased in 1983, The Avengers is a collection of pretty much all the studio recorded material of the band by the same name, San Francisco punks The Avengers.  All the tracks date from 1977/78, ground zero for west coast punk rock.  The music is raw, sped up rock ‘n’ roll with Penelope Houston’s angst-ridden vocals lighting the fuse and turning it into a punk inferno.  It’s all attitude and rebellion and defiance, the elements that kicked off punk’s rebellion against the mainstream.  The Avengers may be best known as the openers for the Sex Pistol’s last concert, but that would be selling them very short because The Avengers clearly shows them to be a talented in their own right.  Their stance is aggressive, the music is tight without being polished, and the lyrics are a huge “screw you” to society at large.

The Avengers has been re-releasd on vinyl a handful of times over the years, so affordable copies should be available.  Some of the CD versions include some extra tracks as well, so be choosy if you’re looking to pick up a copy.