Prügelknaben – “Prygl På Vinyl” (2019)

prugelknabelpryglpavinylI don’t have much info on this gem I picked up in Copenhagen a month or so ago.  The lady working at Route 66 told me it was a Danish Record Store Day release this year, a limited edition (of 500) collection of late 1970s/early 1980s jams from the Danish punk band Prügelknaben.  I haven’t seen an entry for it on Discogs yet… and I’m afraid to try to list it since I don’t speak Danish.  I guess I’ll wait for someone else to step up.

The recording quality of Prygl På Vinyl is quite good – the songs are fresh and even the live material is solid.  With a gatefold sleeve and a color booklet included, this is the complete package.  Too bad for me none of it is in English!  Prügelknaben have a bit of The Kinks in them, though definitely with more sneer and swagger.  The songs are lightning fast – there are about 14 tracks on side A and none of them pass the two minute mark.  There are a few longer ones on the flip side, though the longest appears to be just over four minutes.

I love picking up obscurities by local bands when I travel, stuff that’s unlikely ever to make it into one of my local record shops, and this was a perfect fit.  Definitely recommended if you’re interested in exploring early Danish punk rock.