“Heavy Metal – Music From The Motion Picture” (1981)

Print may not be dead, but at the very least it’s been in a bad accident and is trying to drag itself away from the wreck before something explodes.  Will it rebound the way vinyl did?  Only time will tell.  But back in the 1980s print was what we had.  If you wanted to learn about something you had to pick up a book, magazine, or newspaper.  There were lots of speciality publications, and as a teen I gravitated towards some of the slick sci-fi rags like Omni and, of course, Heavy Metal.  The latter spun off an animated, rock-soundtracked film that was a frequent rental by people of a certain age, mostly young men, who were attracted to both the imagery and music.  Back then anime wasn’t readily available other than maybe some Sunday morning episodes of Star Blazers (if you were lucky), so this was a whole other world.

A few weeks back I got three big boxes of records from someone at work who was cleaning house.  Most of it was 1960s to 1980s rock, some titles in my wheelhouse, others not.  But one thing I knew I was going to keep as soon as I saw it was the soundtrack to Heavy Metal.


Now you’d think that the soundtrack to a movie called Heavy Metal would be chock full of bands that play, well, heavy metal.  But that’s not really the case.  Yes, there is a Black Sabbath track on here (“The Mob Rules”), but the rest is decidedly un-metal, though Sammy Hagar contributes a song called “Heavy Metal”.  Devo and Cheap Trick, however, are not heavy metal, and Journey is neither heavy nor metal.  That being said, this is a solid record full of artists you know playing songs you don’t.  My favorite hands down is Blue Öyster Cult’s “Veteran Of The Psychic Wars”, a song Metallica recently covered on Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic At The Masonic.

I was going to watch the movie as part of this post, but when I found it on Amazon Prime it was a rental… and somehow it just didn’t seem worth four bucks when I could just play the record.