Gary Wright – “The Dream Weaver” (1975)

In 1989 I traveled all the way across the country, from Seattle to Pittsburgh, to attend college.  Like so many incoming freshman I was excited about this first opportunity to be “on my own”, and also like so many of them I quickly discovered it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought it was going to be.  Fortunately for me I found an accepting group of guys who took me in when I was at my most lost and vulnerable, and while I didn’t stick it out in Pittsburgh they were the only reason I maintained my sanity for those six months.


There were, of course, parties, because this was college.  And one thing I’ll always remember is that at some point, as the party was winding down and there were just a few people left, someone would insist on playing Gary Wright’s “Dream Weaver”.  And it was always the perfect thing to play in that late night/early morning alcohol haze.  Sometimes we sang, sometimes we listened and swayed back and forth, Gary’s voice transporting us to somewhere that wasn’t on this plane of existence.  As stupid as it may sound, it’s one of the memories from that time I will cherish forever.

The Dream Weaver was in one of the boxes of freebies I got the other day and I knew instantly that I had to clean it up and play it.  Needless to say I started it on side B because “Dream Weaver” opens that side.  But as that finished I realized I had no idea of what to expect next – I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard another Gary Wright song!  “Much Higher” is pretty cool, and overall there’s a sort of futuristic-funk feel to things.  And “Love Is Alive” is a stone-cold jam.  I’ve got to say, The Dream Weaver is pretty solid top to bottom.