Robotiko Rejecto – “The Cyper Space” (1990)

There were four big boxes of awesome electro-ness at Easy Street Records when I stopped by the other day.  It looked like they bought a collection, because it’s not normally the kind of stuff I’d see at the shop.  There was so much stuff in there I’d never heard of before… I spent as much time searching artist names on my phone to try to get a sense of what they were about as I did actually flipping through the records themselves.  But in the end I came away with about a dozen selections, a combination of comps, albums, and 12″ singles, and so far everything we’ve played has been very cool.


Robotiko Rejecto emerged from Frankfurt in the late 1980s comprised of producers Ra/Hen and Talla 2XLC (who is also at times credited as Ramona Ader and whose real name is Andreas Tomalla), and their first full length album, The Cyper Space, came out in 1990.  It was their only album together under that name and included tracks from their first three singles.  Ra/Hen later resurrected the moniker and released Corporate Power in 2012.

Stylistically The Cyper Space is EBM with a somewhat spacey and at times a bit dark.  It’s not industrial though there are elements that fit that mold, especially some of the brief pieces like the 40 second “Interpolation”.  When vocals are present they have a sort of sci-fi robotic flavor (“Moonbase 18”) about them.  What particularly struck me is the retro feel I got from these songs, a sensation driven by the fact that contemporary artists like TZMP and Mitch Murder have a similar vibe; I had to keep reminding myself that this is the original stuff.