Poison Idea – “Kings of Punk” (1986)

poisonideakingspunkGiven that they hail from just down the road in Portland, Oregon, it’s odd to me that I’ve somehow missed Poison Idea all of these years.  I guess I just chalk it up to not having been into punk when I was growing up.  Or ignorance.

Poison Idea were certainly influential, a number of prominent artists citing them as among their favorites.  Hell, when guitarist Tom Roberts, a.k.a. Pig Champion, passed away in 2006 he earned an 11 paragraph obit in The New York Times.  After listening to Kings of Punk I can see why.  While the base is hardcore, there are definite thrash elements here as well, which is right up my alley.  I might need to go pick up one of those new 2019 re-releases of their debut Pick Your King EP that Jackpot recently put out.