Rhythm & Noise – “Chasms Accord” (1985)

rhythmnoisechasmsRhythm & Noise was one of a number of musical projects involving Naut Humon, and Chasms Accord was the second and final album put out under that name.  It’s an intriguing record and not at all what I expected.  The sound of an orchestra warming up overlaid on jungle beats.  Triumphant synths.  Machinery.  Everything and nothing, sometimes organized and sometimes random.  Though there are 13 tracks, they feel more like part of a cohesive whole than separate compositions, even when the style changes abruptly.  The whole thing has a very soundtrack-like quality about it, an undercurrent of interconnectedness that somehow holds everything together.  Chasms Accord holds up better than many if not most experimental albums.

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