Fangz – “One For You One For Me” and “Voices” 7″

We first met Josh Cottreau at Iceland Airwaves back in 2010.  “Met” might not be the right word for it, more like “encountered”.  Josh was there with his band Cities Between Us and they hit the streets in the early evening with a homemade sign inviting people to their show at Faktorý.  With a work ethic like that, how could we not go see them?  Despite their best efforts, though, it was a sparse crowd; the opening slots at Airwaves were quite often poorly attended in a city that normally doesn’t hit the streets on the weekends until after 10PM.  But even with the very small crowd they played their show at 100 miles per hour and Josh just about burst into flames with all the energy he was expending on stage.  I have no idea how his vocal cords held up.

We connected on Facebook, though never again in real life.  A number of years ago he moved to Australia and got married.  And then one day he mentioned that he was in a band again.  And that band, my friends, is Fangz.


If I had to describe Fangz in a couple of words, I’d say they’re “Party Rock”.  This is music about having a good time, and for use when you’re having a good time.  It’s hanging-out-with-your-friends-and-drinking-beer rock.  It’s fast.  It’s hard.  It’s not subtle – it hits you right between the eyes and says, “you want more of this?”  And yes, yes I do.


So far this year Fangz has released a pair of 7″ singles – “One For You One For Me” b/w “Wastr”, and “Voices” b/w “Crossroads”.  Both are available for purchase online HERE along with assorted other merch, including a band beer koozie, which should tell you everything that you need to know.  Fangz are here to party with you and rock your face off.

You don’t need me to tell you how killer these songs are – you can see and hear for yourself below.  Fangz are making plenty of noise in the scene Down Under, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to see them up in the Northern Hemisphere at some point.  I for one will be keeping an eye on these guys in the months to come – they’re got a great future ahead of them.


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