Madonna – “Everybody” 12″ (1982)

I had to do a double take when I laid eyes on this earlier today, because this is the least Madonna-like cover I’ve ever seen on a Madonna record.  And sure it enough, it’s the Material Girl herself with her first-ever single, “Everybody”, which came out in October 1982, about six months before her self-titled debut album.  “Everybody” is the final song on that record, though the version is different – on the album it clocks in at just under five minutes, while on the A side of the single it’s almost six.  The B side of the single consists of a nine-and-a-half minute dub of the track.


Honestly I’m primarily posting about this because of the cover.  It’s so strange to see a Madonna 12″ that doesn’t feature the singer herself on the front.  Her second single, “Burning Up”, is a transition – the colors are much more like “Everybody”, but the cover is divided into 20 smaller sections each comprised of an artsy Madonna head shot.  By “Holiday / Everybody” we’re in full-on Madonna photo mode, which more or less became the norm.  The songs are, of course, pretty great – I’m a fan, particularly of the first three albums, and I think the music has held up pretty well (in fact this style is sort of making a bit of a comeback).  I particularly like the dub version – her songs just lend themselves to the remix treatment.