MYRKFÆLNI #3 Compilation (2019)

The MYRKFÆLNI zine is back for a third installment.  The first release was combination of print zine and 19-track download chock full of Icelandic musical goodness.  The second was another full-sized zine, this time with a 13-track cassette included with the first 200 copies (after that you got a download card).  And just recently issue #3 came out, sticking with the cassette format but shrinking the zine to a much smaller size and packaging the whole thing in a plastic case along with some stickers.  The 11 artists featured this time around represent a broad swath of the Icelandic music scene, from hardcore to coldwave.


I’m all about what these ladies are doing – the zine is high quality, the selection of bands diverse and interesting.  If you’re interested in checking out the Icelandic music scene, MYRKFÆLNI is a perfect place to start.  Check out their Bandcamp page HERE – you’ll love what you hear.