Nitzer Ebb – “1982-2010 The Box Set” (2018)

I have a few Nitzer Ebb 12″ singles and a CD or two.  They’ve felt like one of those bands I needed to explore more deeply, but for whatever reason I never seemed to get around to picking up more of their stuff.  That changed last week, however, when my copy of 1982-2010 The Box Set arrived.  Released in October 2018 by Pylon, I ran across a mention of it online and realized this was the opportunity I’d been waiting for, even before I knew it existed.


There are two versions of the set.  The first includes the band’s five albums between That Total Age (1987) and Big Hit (1994), each re-packaged as a 2XLP and chock full of remixes and bonus tracks, all on black vinyl.  It also contains a 28 page gloss book about the band, all of it packaged into a sturdy slipcase.  The slightly more expensive version ($20 more) includes all of the above plus Nitzer Ebb’s 1983 Basic Pain Procedure, all on colored vinyl and limited to only 500 copies.  I went with the latter, not so much because of the colored vinyl or limited nature, but because for $20 extra I wanted to have Basic Pain Procedure.  I’m glad I made that decision, because Basic Pain Procedure kicks ass, with synths straight out of the Terminator soundtrack and cymbal crashes that remind me more than a bit of Peaches (and of course pre-dating both).  Throw in elements of Dead Kennedys and Warsaw and you have something truly astounding.

At $210, 1982-2010 The Box Set isn’t cheap.  But compared to many box sets I’ve seen, and even a few I’ve bought, the value is clearly here.  With eleven records worth of music, including plenty of remixes and extras, you’re getting a lot of great stuff and all of it in a nice package to boot.  My only complaint, such as it is, is the lack of digital downloads, which would have made a nice addition.  Definitely worth the money, though, especially if you’re like me and don’t already have a bunch of these albums.