Kuldaboli – “Ég elska þig eilífa stríð” (2018)

kuldaboliegelskaI’m starting to wonder if Kuldaboli is actively trying to avoid having his releases appear in my year-end Top 5 list.  For the second time in three years he dropped something in mid-to-late December, ensuring that I wouldn’t hear it in time for it to be considered.  In 2016 it was the brilliant CD Vafasamur Lífsstíll 2015-2016, and last year (all of about six weeks ago…) it was the five-song 12″ Ég elska þig eilífa stríð.  Having met him once in person, I feel comfortable this isn’t true – it’s not like he took a swing at me or told me my taste sucks or kicked my dog.  But damn, these late-in-the-year releases are killer.  Maybe I just need to start doing Google searches for “Kuldaboli” starting on December 1 every year, and keep searching every day until I post my year-end lists.  It’s the only chance I have.

Ég elska þig eilífa stríð sees Kuldaboli at his electro-creepy best, with sinister beats, eerily high synths, and heavily modulated vocals.  Most of it is dance floor ready, though “Leyndarmál” spins out a religious-gothic-horror vibe that would be the perfect soundtrack to an exorcism.  You can listen to all five tracks on Soundcloud HERE, at least for the time being.  I particularly recommend the aforementioned “Leyndarmál” and the opening cut “Trúðu þínum eigin augum”.

Lord Pusswhip – “The Hand of Glory” (2018)

pusswhiphandMan, Lord Pusswhip sure has been busy as of late.  Last year he gave us Lord Pusswhip Is Dead and in the first three months of 2018 we’ve already been treated to two more releases – the previously reviewed cassette Stationz Ov The Puss and this seven-song 12″ on bbbbbb Records, The Hand of Glory.

The Hand of Glory arrived in my mailbox the other day with a stack of other recent bbbbbb records courtesy of my friends over at Reykjavik’s Lucky Records, and this is the first of the batch that I dropped the needle on.  It’s a bit more uptempo than what I’m used to hearing from His Royal Pusswhipness, more suited to the dance floor than to drinking a whole bottle of codeine-infused cough medicine and drooling all over yourself on the couch.  As always, Pusswhip hits you with all kinds of weird breaks and transitions and samples, never allowing you to get entirely comfortable.  “Green House Living” is the most chill number, one more reminiscent of his work on Lord Pusswhip Is Dead.

You can digitally spin the title track on Soundcloud HERE if you like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you – it’s gonna get a little weird.