Crime – “Exalted Masters”

crimeexaltedmastersCrime was a punk band that came together in San Francisco in 1976, and like so many other punks they quickly gained a reputation for loudness and bad behavior before flaming out and disbanding, leaving behind little more than three 7″ singles and some bootleg live recordings.  Fortunately for us, however, they got back together and in 2007 released Exalted Masters, new recordings of some of their previously written but never recorded original material.

If I were to try to describe the Crime of Exalted Masters to you, I’d say they sound sort of like the more rockish material of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with vocals by Lou Reed circa his time with Velvet Underground.  The songs aren’t fast, nor are they “loud” – this is more rock ‘n’ roll fare.  So while Crime earned their rep as a punk band, this isn’t a punk record, at least not to my ears.  That’s not to say it’s bad – I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  It’s just not what I expected from Crime.