“F-R-5” Compilation (1987)

fr5I only made one record store stop on our trip to Denver, spending an hour or so over at Twist & Shout Records.  I highly recommend it – the selection of vinyl, CDs, and even books was top notch and the prices were reasonable.  Oddly enough after all that time all four of the records I walked out with came from a relatively small selection of punk compilations.  That little section was a gold mine.

I had no intentions of writing about F-R-5, planning on just enjoying it instead.  That is until I heard the opening track by Undecided (“Complications”), and then the absolutely mind-blowing cover of “Scarborough Fair” by Afraid of Clowns.  I couldn’t believe how outstanding this thing was!  The overall vibe is sort of college-radio-style-indie from that period, a bit or punk attitude but more lo-fi stripped down rock.

The bands all hail from the greater Virginia-Maryland-D.C. region and include a few well-known names like Scream and Government Issue.  A killer comp – highly recommended!