Fræbbblarnir – “False Death” 7″ (1979)

fraebbblarnirfalsedeathI’ve reached a point with my Icelandic vinyl collecting that I’ve acquired most of the scarce stuff, at least most of the scarce stuff that interests me (I’m not a prog rock guy, and I’m not interested in anything like big band or “popular” music from the 1960s and earlier…).  That leaves me digging deeper into some of the lesser known artists, or looking somewhat longingly at the stuff that I think is just too expensive to justify like Drysill’s Welcome to the Show or Sororicide’s The Entity.  But there were a few still affordable outliers I need, one of which was the recently reviewed No Time To Think 7″ by Purrkur Pillnikk, and another was this 1980 7″ released by Fræbbblarnir called False Death.  I’d recently bid on and failed to win a copy on eBay, so when I saw this signed copy over at Lucky I decided to use some of my hard earned kronur to pick it up and cross it off my want list.

Unusual for the time both for its white vinyl and the prominently displayed ass shot on the front cover, False Death has a bit of early pop-punk flair to it.  Don’t get me wrong, the title track “False Death” is all punk sneering in its vocal delivery, but with a very up-and-down poppy bass line.  The B sides “True Death” is a bit more standard punk fare, but Fræbbblarnir pops it up a bit again with a cover of the classic 1978 hit from the movie Grease, “Summer Nights,” a classic piece of punk rock snottiness and a perfect song for the band to cover.  I love punk covers of classic pop tunes, and this one is no exception.