Sun Ra – “Fate In A Pleasant Mood” (1965)

sunrafateSun Ra is primarily known for his more experimental music, but when Fate In A Pleasant Mood was recorded in 1960 (it wasn’t released until 1965) he and his Arkestra were still in the midst of their Chicago Phase, a period when they were transitioning towards the sound that would later define them.  This performance is, at least to my untrained ears, fairly straight forward.  There are hints of free jazz sprinkled about to be sure, but it would easily stand up against some of the more classic jazz artists of the period.  Nothing spacey or weird, just jazz that is perhaps a slight bit unpolished and occasionally rambling.

I have one of the post-1965 Saturn pressings and it sounds pretty good.  A few spots early on side A felt a bit hot, but overall it’s clean and enjoyable to ears.