Volruptus – “Homeblast” (2017)

volruptushomeblastLately I’ve been a bit selective on the electronic albums I write about.  Not because they’ve sucked or anything, but simply because I find the genre difficult to put into words.  But sometimes a record just clicks with me, and when that happens I feel the urge to dash off at least a paragraph or two about it, which is how I find myself writing about Volruptus’ four song 12″ Homeblast.

Iceland born and Berlin based, Volruptus’ style is some deep techno space UFO stuff, something little silver aliens with massive heads and huge eyes that are as black as the void would probably make if they made electronica.  The pulsar-like beats are overlaid with electro-strangeness that sounds like it’s coming out of the equipment in a mad scientist’s lab, like sonic waveforms flowing across the screen of some kind of 1960s era apparatus.  This isn’t high tech and fancy; it’s old-school and edgy.

You can listen to these tracks as well as some of Volruptus’ other work on his Soundcloud page HERE.  But watch out for those aliens.  I hear they’ll use probes on you…