Jobbi Maggadon – “Og Dýrin Í Sveitinni” 10″

We got back from Reykjavik and Iceland Airwaves a few days ago, and I brought back a fat stack of vinyl and CDs, as well as a wicked head cold that feels like it’s turning into something worse, thanks most likely to the woman across the aisle from me.  Certainly not a perfect ending to the trip, but if you’re going to get sick it’s better to do it when you get home and not when you arrive.  That would have sucked.

Despite feeling low grade crappy, I figured I still had enough energy to spin a 10″ I picked up at the Reykjavik flea market.  I had no idea when I bought this who Jobbi Maggadon was.  All I knew was this was a 10″ on white vinyl, and the dude on the cover was carrying a pig and a cow.  If that isn’t reason enough to buy a record, I don’t know what is. The jacket reverse is also signed and numbered (#1,419), though I don’t know how many copies were released.  Honestly, I thought this was a punk record so I was a bit surprised when I looked up Jobbi on Discogs.  Surprised, but not necessarily disappointed because I like jazz.  This is what happens when you have vinyl fever and a wad of krónur burning a hole in your pocket.

Turns out old Jobbi Maggadon (real name Jakob Magnússon) was not only quite the jazz man, but also a one-time member of the Icelandic super-group Stuðmenn.  Recorded in 1978, Og Dýrin Í Sveitinni (“And Animals in the Countryside”… hence the pig and cow) is a pretty slick jazz-rock fusion record.  “Það Gutlar á Hænunni” is the most intriguing track, featuring a sort of Peter Frampton-esque “Do You Feel Like We Do” sound effect on it.  Side A is more jazzy… side B a bit more rockish.

I’ve said before I’m not much of a prog rock guy, and I think this kind of fusion jazz probably best appeals to fans of that genre.  That being said, it’s decent and instrumental, making it good dinner/cocktail music for sure.