xGADDAVÍRx – “Lífið Er Refsing” 7″ (2017)

xgaddavirxI wasn’t planning on writing about xGADDAVÍRx’s four-song 7″ from last summer, Lífið Er Refsing.  Not because I have anything against xGADDAVÍRx, or hardcore, or the town of Akranes, Iceland where they’re from.  It’s because 7″ records are short and that often makes them hard to write about.  But after hearing how catchy these songs are, I had to tell you at least a little about them if for no other reasons that hopefully a few folks will read this and checkout the record.

Hardcore isn’t normally my thing, and it’s also not something you generally associated with the word “catchy”, which I wrote in the above paragraph.  The vocals are pure hardcore, and the musical pace careens back and forth between hardcore and West Coast thrash.  The riffs on the second half of “Kýldur” are reminiscent of early Megadeth, while the pace of “Harðir Tímar Kalla á Hart áfengi” could easily be mistaken for Suicidal Tendencies.  That’s not, however, to imply that xGADDAVÍRx sound like either of those two bands; they’ve got their own thing going on, and it works.

Give ’em a chance on Bandcamp HERE.