Madteo feat. Sensational – “Special Offer” (2016)

I shared my recent bizarre Sensation story on Facebook back in October, but now that I’ve got some new (to me) Sensational to blog about, I figured I’d recap it here since not all of you follow Life in the Vinyl Lane there.

Last month our friend Ingvar, who owns Reykjavik’s Lucky Records, decided to make his first ever trip to Seattle, so he stayed with me and Holly while he was in town.  On the Saturday he was here we of course went record shopping, and while driving back home that afternoon we were playing some Run DMC in the car.  I decided to follow that up with Sensational since he has a tie to Iceland via his work with Ghostigital, and I was surprised to find that Ingvar had never heard Sensational’s solo stuff.  While driving and listening I told him about the Sensational documentary and that last I heard the rapper was still selling some of his home-made CDs on the streets of New York City.

Fast forward a few days.  I’m at work and my phone is practically vibrating off my desk as I receive a flurry of Facebook messages.  Come to find out that Ingvar, who went to NYC from Seattle, had been hanging out at a cafe with his record bag full of vinyl when a guy strolled up and asked if he wanted to buy a CD.  Ingvar politely declined, but the guy was persistent.  “My name’s Sensational,” he said.  “I do hip hop.”

If that isn’t a mind blower I don’t know what is.


Long story short I ended up in contact with the rapper on Facebook and bought both his latest CD and this 2016 record Special Offer (signed!).  And they’re both a blast.  Special Offer includes beats by Madteo, rapping by Sensational, and all of it blended together by DJ Sotofett.  It’s unorthodox, as you’d expect from anything involving the master of flow.  There are dub influences (“$0.99 Intro”), church bells (“Anastrophy”), and psychedelic instrumentals (“Mortones (Mix)”), so a little something for everyone.  But every time Sensational has the mic, there’s the flow… the flow that only he can produce.

You can find Special Offer on Discogs.  Hell, message Sensational through his Facebook page and I’ll be he’ll sell you a copy too.