Nothing Is Over – “Negative Fucking Energy” 7″ (2009)

nothingisovernegativefuckingenergyI’m not sure how this 2009 record by Philadelphia’s own Nothing Is Over ended up on the “local” section of a music store in Ireland.  Probably my bad for not looking at the inner sleeve.  Not that I have anything against bands from Philly, mind you; but I was trying to just pick up Irish releases… but such is life.

Nothing Is Over is in-yo-face grindcore.  Ten aggressive songs crammed into one little 7″ package.  It’s brutal.  It’s aggro.  It has song titles like “Ruthless Rise to Power” and “Made for Hostility,” but it also has “Sometimes You Eat the Weed, and Sometimes the Weed Eats You,” so go figure.  It all comes at you full speed, here one minute and gone the next, a wall of guitars and shouting and pounded drums.  I give my personal thumbs up to “Clout” which seemed to break away from the pack a bit, and “Ruthless Rise to Power” is also pretty bad-ass.