Palooka – “She’s Speed” 7″ Single

According to Palooka’s website, “PALOOKA is big thick two guitar rock the way God intended it,” and frankly I don’t see any reason to argue with them about this claim.  This 7″ was an impulse buy as I was walking up to the counter at Easy Street Records – basically it looked cool so I bought it.  Turns out it is in fact cool, so that’s a win.

The A side “She’s Speed” gets right into it and right after it.  It’s guitars and fast and beer and leather and fast cars and chicks (“She’s everything I want, She’s not what I need”).  It’s a hard rocker that sings about a chick like she’s a car, a la Van Halen’s “Panama” and AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long.”  And at only 1:58, she’s a fast ride for sure.  The B side brings us “Under Control” which is a little slower in developing but is still a solid rocker.  A nice burst of power on a compact little 45.