“Tropical Goth Records Compilation #001” (2018)

tropicalgothcompWell, we’re back from our trip to Berlin and Copenhagen and after putting in some time all the records purchased on the trip are clean and housed in new sleeves.  So what to play first?  So many choices… ultimately I decided to go with a comp and give myself a bit of a mix, and my hands landed on this intriguing little number I picked up at Berlin’s Space Hall.  Tropical Goth Records is the label of Chris Video (aka Shredder), originally founded in Brooklyn in 2016 and subsequently relocated to Germany, and this appears to be the label’s first non-Shredder record.

The opening track “Like It Hard” by Le Chocolat Noir is definitely noir, as in synth-noir, a dark and edgy number with elements of anxiety-laden doom, the perfect introduction to this comp.  On the other end of the spectrum is Snuffo’s “Ringbahn Blues”, thump thump thump, a pure beat-driver with no filler to get in the way, thump thump thump, relentless and pounding, thump thump thump.  Somewhere in the middle lies Hellboii and his hard techno “battlegiveitup2THEDIRECTWORK”, a 130 bpm banger that borders on hardcore and features trippy, almost computer-like vocal samples.  But just when you think you have a handle on things, the closing track, Facket Strejkar’s “Järntorget” actually has true vocals on it, which kind of blew my mind with its unexpectedness.  This is a well-curated collection of tracks that orbit the same dark core, but with each doing so in its own unique way.

You can listen to Tropical Goth Records Compilation #001 on the label’s Bandcamp site HERE, though it doesn’t appear that they currently have physical copies for sale.  That being said, there are a number of copies of the vinyl listed on Discogs, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting one.  It may only have six tracks, but at about 35 minutes you’re getting plenty of music and every track is solid, so it’s well worth the price.