Dr. Gunni – “Vessar” (1993)

gunnivessarI’ve written about Dr. Gunni many times on Life in the Vinyl Lane.  Frankly you can’t escape the guy if you’re into Icelandic music – he seemingly pops up everywhere!  And whether it’s Bless, or S.H. Daumur, or his solo work, I’m a fan of his music, because it always has a passion and a bit of an edge to it.

I’ve been slowly tracking down his various recordings over the years, and our trip to Airwaves allowed me to finally get my hands on the third of his solo 7″ records, the for-song Vessar EP.  The recording is raw, giving it very much a live quality; garage punk at its finest.  Gunni’s vocal styling is borderline deranged, giving an even more frenetic feel to what is already some pretty frenetic music.  “Slímhúdarpopp!” is the only track that moves even remotely towards the mainstream, with the tuned-down sound reminding me a bit of some early grunge.  Otherwise it’s just pure in-your-face-I-don’t-care-what-you-think punk rock.