Rave Mix

Every January Holly and I host a party for all of our friends, and tonight is, I believe, our 15th Annual Post-Holiday Holiday Party.  It’s hard to get together with your friends during the holidays - people are traveling, have family commitments, shopping like crazy, etc, so we figured we’d have our party a month or so after the holiday insanity came to an end, when every has had a chance to wind down and catch their breath.  Sometimes our parties have a theme - night at the movies, the 80s, lounge style… you get the drift.  And every year we also burn a soundtrack of some of the tunes we played  and provide copies to our guests.  They’ve become popular enough that every year at least a couple of people who couldn’t make it to the party ask us to send them one of the CDs.

This year we went with a rave theme.  Now, neither of us were ever ravers.  But we’re not going to let that stop us, and with that in mind we came up with a party CD that’s a bit electronic, a bit dance, a little industrial, and somewhat random.  Our friends Tristen, Matt, and Ken provided some suggestions and even sent us some discs, which helped out a lot.  So in case you’re interested, the songs that made the cut for this year’s CD are:

“Codename:  Rondo” - Ghostland Observatory

“Don’t Push Me” - Ghostigital

“City” - Legend

“Levels” - Avicii

“Hustler” - Simian Mobile Disco

“Time to Get Away” - LCD Soundsystem

“Backpack Rehab” - Bassnectar

“Weirdo” - Iiris

“Jesus is My Personal Trainer” - Depeche Mode vs. Goldfrapp mashup

“Relax” - Keoki

“K2R” - Halleluwah

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to put on my “Frankie Say Relax” shirt and find my glow sticks…


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