Fix Me - “Ni Una Sola Puta Lágrima”

Spanish hardcore from Barcelona, baby!

When Holly and I visited Barcelona back in the summer of 2009, it was just a few months before our first Iceland Airwaves music festival and I hadn’t re-caught the music bug I’d lost back in college.  Which sucks, because now I’d love the chance to check out the city’s music stores - I can only imagine all the cool stuff I could have picked up.  But alas, such is life.  Maybe I’ll get back to Barcelona again someday.

Fix Me emerged out of the demise of a Barcelona punk powerhouse called E150, who were active from the mid-1990s until their breakup around 2004.  The mini-album Ni Una Sola Puta Lágrima (Not a Single F*cking Tear) was released in 2009, a 45 rpm 12″ with 11 intense bursts and anger and rage.  While I agree with the overall description of Fix Me as hardcore, there’s certainly a some heavy metal on this record too, especially in the guitar riffs, and more than just a little straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll like Motörhead sped up a bit and with a punk rock lead singer.  The range plays out between the pure hardcore “Daño Colateral” and the power rock of “Crisis,” and I love the fact that the band mixes it up a bit.  

Ni Una Sola Puta Lágrima is some solid work by a group of more mature punk rockers, guys who learned their craft and tightened up their sound.  Fix Me aren’t afraid to wander away from hardcore, and I think when they slow it down (just a bit) it shows their musical skills.  The fact that it’s sung in Spanish (is it actually Catalan?  I don’t know…) doesn’t matter one bit - this is punk, baby, and you can hear everything you need in the singer’s voice.  Definitely worth the pickup if you run across it.

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