Fats Comet - “Rockchester”

fatscometrockchesterI was in for a surprise the other day when I walked into my local used shop, Vortex.  Their selection tends to run very heavily towards rock and jazz, and while I’ve picked up a few decent reggae records from them as well over the years, in general when I stop in I figure I’ll be primarily looking at rock titles.  But they’d just purchased a new collection, and I was shocked when I came across a Gary Clail 12″.  It was one I already had, but this was promising!  Then a single from The KLF - score!  Then a Stiff comp called Start Swimming (featuring, among others, the Bush Tetras), and then Fats Comet’s 12″ Rockchester.  I looked up Rockchester while I was in the shop, and as soon as I saw it was part of the whole Adrian Sherwood / On-U Sound thing I was sold.  When I brought these up to the counter Daren remarked that he wasn’t surprised to see me with these… since I’m generally buying stuff he’s never heard of before, which is pretty funny.

Anyway… what I didn’t know until just now is that Fats Comet was the precursor to Tackhead - basically it was Tackhead without Gary Clail.  Which is suitably awesome, because I’m a big fan of early Tackhead, with it’s quasi-industrial, quasi-jungle beat grooves and heavy use of vocal sampling.  And Fats Comet doesn’t disappoint - these two tracks have some solid beats, a smattering of funky bass, and plenty of samples.  An absolutely killer little 12″.

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