Scandal - “Warrior”

I have to admit that I generally don’t spend a ton of time flipping through the bargain bins when I’m out record shopping.  I know I should… there are a few gems to be found there, but man it’s a lot of work looking at all the same old stuff over and over.  Plus a lot of the time when you do find something you’re interested in it’s so beat to hell that you’d need to put a one pound weight on your tonearm to keep it from bouncing up and down like it was driving on a crappy pothole-laden dirt road.  But there are some simple pleasures there too, like this pristine copy of Scandal’s Warrior still covered in its carefully slit open shrink.  Certainly I remember the Top 10 hit “The Warrior,” though I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard any of their other songs from Warrior, so for a few bucks, why not check it out?

In some ways listening to an album like Warrior is difficult.  There’s already one mega-hit song on it that I know well, which inevitably leads to me consciously or unconsciously comparing every other song on the album to that one, which isn’t fair per se.  It’s a thousand times easier to go into an album cold, which allows you to more easily form your own opinions about what you like and what you don’t.  And that’s where I ended up with Warrior.  I couldn’t get past comparing each song to “The Warrior.”  The band was certainly talented, but I just didn’t find anything else on the other nine songs that captured my attention.  Thankfully I still have “The Warrior”… I am the warrior…!

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