Meat Katie – “Destination Australia 02” (2003)

When I first started Life in the Vinyl Lane, I pretty much wrote about every single record I purchased. Over the last few years, though, I’ve been a bit more selective. Or maybe just less compulsive in my need to document. Either way, some stuff that makes it home with me never reaches the blog, particularly when it comes to 7″ and 12″ singles – there just isn’t as much to write about.

I didn’t plan on sharing anything about Meat Katie’s two-song 12″ Destination Australia 02, figuring it was going to be just another electronica single – enjoyable to spin, but nothing more. But hot damn, this thing is so fantastic I wanted to at least get a few words about it out there, if for no other reason than if you happen to run across this for a couple of bucks this post may make you decide to buy it. Because these tracks are absolutely killer bangers. Call the style whatever you want – techno, breakbeats, whatever, just grab it if you see it and spin it on your table. You won’t regret it.