Roht - “BLÓÐ​ /​ HNEFINN ​/​ LÍF” Cassette (2017)

Last year Iceland’s newest industrial punks Roht gave us a five song gem simply called Demo.  In 2017 they’ve been much busier, contributing a track to Iron Lung Mixtape III, doing a split 7″ with Döpur, putting out a five song 7″ of their own, as well as this three song cassette called BLÓÐ / HNEFINN / LÍF.  And the year isn’t even half over yet.  I can only imagine what they have in store for the second half.

At just under five minutes BLÓÐ / HNEFINN / LÍF is a full-speed thrill-ride of dark lo-fi punk rock.  The industrial elements I heard on Demo are here as well making this tape feel like a horror movie soundtrack.  If I’m picking a favorite, it’s “LÍF” with its percussion-based attack and angry vocals… plus the cool breakdown in the second half.

You can listen to the whole thing HERE if you have a few minutes to spare, or find yourself with a couple of minutes to kill waiting in the drive thru for your order - it’s over that fast.  I’m not sure how available the cassette is - my guess is it’s a pretty limited release, but I can’t find any firm numbers.  Given how Icelandic cassette releases have been trending lately, my best guess is somewhere between 30-60 copies produced… but don’t quote me on that.