So-Cho Pistons - “Piston Bop Nite!!” (2014)

Dumb Records is a cool little record store / curry restaurant / bar located in Hiroshima, Japan.  The music selection is relatively small, taking up maybe half of one wall.  You can go through the whole thing in just a couple of minutes, and it’s all punk rock.  I almost left without buying anything until the guy working there pointed me toward Piston Bop Nite!! and told me he as a member of the So-Cho Pistons (he’s the drummer and goes by the name Nass).  That’s a pretty solid local connection so I figured, why not? And I’m glad I did because this is a fun record.

Piston Bop Nite!! is 14 tracks of blistering-fast, straight-ahead punk rock, a Ramones-esque sprint that probably doesn’t last much more than 25 minutes or so.  Get in, rock, get out, repeat.  I believe all he lyrics are in Japanese, though the lyric sheet insert has them all in English.  I couldn’t find the album versions of any of these songs online, but YouTube has a handful of videos of their live performances, so go give ’em a listen if you like you some punk rock.