Atari Teenage Riot - “Not Your Business EP” (1996)

I wrote once before about Atari Teenage Riot, and truth be told I found them a bit harsh for my tastes. However, when I ran across a super clean and inexpensive copy of Not Your Business EP I figured I’d give them another try.

And you know what? Their style is harsh. But since I’ve been exposed to more and more music that has pushed my boundaries outwards, I find myself more comfortable with the Riot this time around. The track “Atari Teenage Riot” is solid, it’s blend of hip hop and breakbeats and metal fusing together in a way that feels natural. “Into the Death” does the same, but instead of building upon a base of hip hop it chooses to lay its foundation on a metal, thrash-like approach and seeding it with techno and a samples. Meanwhile “Not Your Business!” and “Raverbashing” put the emphasis on the harsh electronics, more similar to my prior experiences with ATR. All in all a solid record with good blending of disparate styles.