DEB Music Players - “Umoja Dub” (1978)

I’ve been on a bit of a dub kick lately, and I found this nugget while digging the other day.  I think what we have here is a sort of collaboration of various artists signed to the DEB Music label, and once I saw Sly Dunbar and Robby Shakespeare were part of it I knew it would be at least decent.  And in fact it’s a lot better than that.  This is real low key dub - slow tempo, chill, and grooving.  No singing to distract you, and the funky dub post production isn’t so over the top that you lose track of the underlying music.

I don’t have much else to tell you, since dub is pretty nebulous and hard to explain.  Writing about dub is like trying to hold only a handful of dry sand - it just sort of slips trough any attempt to contain it with words.  Don’t over think it.  Instead just sit back and listen to the jam, mon.

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