Team Photos

Team photos are great for the historian.  They provide you with photos of the majority of the regular (and some of the not so regular) contributors for that year's team, and often are the only source for images of players who were only with a team for a season or less.  They also are a valuable tool in noting the changes in jersey styles from year to year.

Some team photos have a list of the players shown in the order that they appear... some have a list of the players in no particular order... and others do not provide any information as to who is shown.  When you know who the players are, it makes it much easier to date the photo; usually there is at least one player who was with the team for only one year, or sometimes you can find two players on the same photo who only played together for one season.  Some photos can be more difficult... if you don't know who the players are, it can be a real challenge to date the photo.

My goal is to provide one photo of every team for every season.  I know that it will be tough going with the earlier teams, but should be attainable for the Ironmen to the current era. 

Photos are shown below as thumbnail images.  Click on the image, and you will be sent to a page showing a larger image of that team photo, along with the team record and a list of the players if I can identify them.

16-17.jpg (85976 bytes)

1916-17 Metropolitans

29-30.jpg (50185 bytes)

1929-30 Eskimos

39-40.jpg (53757 bytes)

1939-40 Sea Hawks

44-45.jpg (59224 bytes)

1944-45 Ironmen

46-47.jpg (58365 bytes)

1946-47 Ironmen

47-48.jpg (64720 bytes)

1947-48 Ironmen

48-49.jpg (54834 bytes)

1948-49 Ironmen

49-50.jpg (59053 bytes)

1949-50 Ironmen

50-51.jpg (54677 bytes)

1950-51 Ironmen
Courtesy of Dave Eskenazi

55-56.jpg (61234 bytes)

1956-57 Americans

57-58.jpg (68334 bytes)

1957-58 Americans

58-59.jpg (77712 bytes)

1958-59 Totems

58-59 color.jpg (69766 bytes)

1958-59 Totems w/Cup

60-61.jpg (86288 bytes)

1960-61 Totems

61-62.jpg (71910 bytes)

1961-62 Totems

62-63.jpg (71649 bytes)

1962-63 Totems

62-63 suits.jpg (76320 bytes)

1962-63 Totems in Suits

63-64.jpg (56276 bytes)

1963-64 Totems

64-65.jpg (69190 bytes)

1964-65 Totems

65-66.jpg (73376 bytes)

1965-66 Totems

66-67.jpg (71213 bytes)

1966-67 Totems

67-68.jpg (59743 bytes)

1967-68 Totems

68-69.jpg (62902 bytes)

1968-69 Totems

69-70.jpg (64688 bytes)

1969-70 Totems

72-73.jpg (60454 bytes)

1972-73 Totems

77-78.jpg (48007 bytes)

1977-78 Breakers

79-80.jpg (64623 bytes)

1979-80 Breakers

82-83.jpg (70511 bytes)

1982-83 Breakers

88-89.jpg (66903 bytes)

1988-89 Thunderbirds

91-92.jpg (73916 bytes)

1991-92 Thunderbirds

93-94.jpg (70537 bytes)

1993-94 Thunderbirds

94-95.jpg (52549 bytes)

1994-95 Thunderbirds

96-97.jpg (74132 bytes)

1996-97 Thunderbirds

01-02.jpg (74295 bytes)

2001-02 Thunderbirds


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